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All About Store

All About Store

Welcome to the heart of Innocent Spirits Distillery, where our passion for crafting exceptional spirits finds its home. Our store is more than just a place to purchase bottles; it’s an immersive journey into the art and soul of Cape Town’s finest craft spirits.

**A Glimpse Into Our Craftsmanship**

Every bottle in our store tells a story, a story of dedication, innovation, and a profound connection to Cape Town’s vibrant spirit. From the moment you step in, you’ll be surrounded by a curated collection that mirrors our commitment to quality and uniqueness.

**Explore Our Range**

Indulge your senses as you peruse through our meticulously crafted range of spirits. From the smoky notes of our award-winning Amber Barrel Rum to the invigorating charm of our Cold Brew Coffee Rum, each bottle is a testament to the passion and craftsmanship that defines Innocent Spirits.

**Savor the Distinctiveness**

Our small-batch approach ensures that each spirit is a masterpiece in its own right, capturing the essence of Cape Town’s landscapes, culture, and energy. When you choose a bottle from our store, you’re not just purchasing a spirit; you’re taking a piece of Cape Town’s soul with you.

**A Personal Touch**

Our store isn’t just a place to buy spirits; it’s an opportunity to engage with our team and the very heart of our craft. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through the selection, share stories behind each label, and offer recommendations based on your preferences.

**Visit Us**

We invite you to step into our world, experience the magic of our spirits, and become part of the Innocent Spirits community. Join us for a tasting, immerse yourself in the craft, and leave with a bottle that embodies the spirit of Cape Town.

**Connect With Us**

Whether you’re a spirits aficionado or a newcomer to the world of craft, we’re here to share our expertise and passion. Come visit our store, explore the flavours, and discover what makes Innocent Spirits Distillery a cornerstone of Cape Town’s craft spirits scene.

Embrace the essence, raise a glass to innovation, and embark on a journey through the captivating world of Innocent Spirits.

**Cheers to exceptional spirits and unforgettable moments!**

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Ramadan Reflections: Exploring the History of Coffee

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Muslims around the world prepare to observe a period of fasting, prayer, and reflection. In many cultures, the predawn meal, known as Suhoor, plays a significant role in providing sustenance and energy for the day ahead. It’s during these early morning hours that

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Unraveling the Mystery: Washed vs. Unwashed Coffee Beans

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The Essence of Mt Elgon: The Heart of Our Coffee Rum

At Innocent Spirits, we believe that exceptional spirits start with extraordinary ingredients. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to the soul of our Coffee Rum: the finest single-origin African coffee sourced from the slopes of Mt Elgon in Uganda. Named after the Bugisu people who nurture the coffee trees

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Introducing Our Newest Creation: Bourbon-Barrel Coffee Rum

Greetings to all rum enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs alike! We’re thrilled to unveil our latest triumph: Bourbon-Barrel Coffee Rum. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exceptional spirit is the culmination of two years of ageing in American Oak barrels, resulting in a sensory symphony that’s bound to excite your

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Bleu Skies Ahead: A Rugby Rumble with a French Twist

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Celebrate Negroni Week with a Coffee Negroni Twist

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A Setback for the Springboks: Malcolm Marx Out for Rugby World Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, rugby enthusiasts, and die-hard Springboks fans, we’re sure you’ve heard the news by now – the Rugby World Cup is about to kick off, but South Africa’s powerhouse hooker, Malcolm Marx, won’t be gracing the field this time around. As the rugby world collectively sends its well-wishes

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