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Aged Rum
AVB 43%

Melodramático Aged Rum

Rich, deeply wooded and sweet, Melodramático is a symphony that unfolds on your palate. Deep woody resonance, coupled with sweet flor-sherry tones, thick vibrant and moreish. This is a top-class approachable rum of distinction.

Bursting with opulence, deep and complex, this cigar-smoking rum will blow you away. The delicate spirit coats your mouth and lingers long with delicious afterthoughts of caramel, raisins and sherry oak.

Fermented, distilled, aged and bottled at Innocent Spirits Distillery, Cape Town.

Category / Ageing
Muskat French oak finished with Spanish Sherry oak
Ingredients: A-grade molasses Aroma: Sherry cask and walnuts Finish: Toffee, malva pudding
Pot Still


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