ColdBrew Coffee Spirit Aperitif


We want you to care as much about our coffee spirit deep into the night as you do your morning coffee. Our roasters source only ethically shade-farmed Q-grade beans, and in doing so help small sustainable farmers throughout Africa and beyond.

Enjoy as is, on the rocks, in a glorious cocktail or wherever your imagination takes you. Be warned every sip of this moreish drink will give you an unadulterated kick!

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Our Cold Brew Coffee is made with carefully selected and ethically sourced coffee. Each batch is a reflection of its unique route from bean to bottle. The bespoke roasting process, gentle steeping and final blending with our premium spirit results in an explosion of coffee-chocolate richness.

Please note: due to the natural ingredients used in producing our coffee spirits there may be minimal coffee sediment at the base of the bottle.

Made by hand at our distillery in Cape Town.

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