Baritone Gin


Aged with Limousin oak, our Baritone gin is like no other. Deep and rich in flavour, each sip carries beautiful, balanced tones which harmonise with the higher ginger and peppery notes of this unusual gin.

Be brave and leave the tonics at home. Just add soda water, use in a cocktail with citrus and ginger mixers or just sip on the rocks.

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True to form, Baritone is resonant, full and masculine. The flavours are faithfully captured using a pot still, then oaked with Limousin to complement the sweet harmony of the small Cape orange, ginger and earthy cassia.

This is a truly original gin – you will find no other like it, and for connoisseurs it is an experience to behold.

Craft made at our distillery in Cape Town.


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