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Sláinte! Raise Your Glass to the Springboks vs. Ireland Rugby Showdown with a Twist

Sláinte! Raise Your Glass to the Springboks vs. Ireland Rugby Showdown with a Twist
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Ah, sports and spirits, the two great passions of life, and tonight, they collide in spectacular fashion as the Springboks take on Ireland in what promises to be a monumental rugby clash. Now, while the Irish are famous for their whiskey, I’m here to tell you that tonight, we’re giving that classic Irish Coffee a South African makeover!

An Unexpected Twist in the Tale

So, you’ve got your rugby jersey on, you’re all set to watch the Springboks in action, and you’re thinking, “It’s time for a good ol’ Irish Coffee!” Well, hold on to your shamrocks, because we’re shaking things up tonight. Instead of your usual Irish whiskey, we’re going for a curveball – Innocent Spirits Amber Barrel Rum, crafted with passion right here in South Africa.

How to Brew Up Your Amber Barrel Irish Coffee:


Here’s the Craic:

  1. First things first, brew a strong cup of your favourite coffee. You need that caffeine kick!
  2. In a warm mug, dissolve two teaspoons of brown sugar in your hot coffee. Give it a good stir.
  3. Now, for the star of the show – pour in 45ml of Innocent Spirits Amber Barrel Rum. Adjust to your taste, my friends.
  4. Next, gently float a fluffy cloud of whipped cream on top of your coffee-rum blend. Higher, higher, like a rugby ball soaring through the posts!
  5. Sprinkle some freshly grated nutmeg on top. It’s the lucky charm of this Irish Coffee.
  6. Throw on your rugby jersey, plunk yourself in your cosiest chair, and sip your Amber Barrel Irish Coffee as you cheer on the Springboks.

Why Amber Barrel Rum?

Innocent Spirits Amber Barrel Rum is like a symphony of flavours in a glass. With hints of vanilla, caramel, and spice, it’s like the entire band of rugby players dancing on your taste buds. By choosing Amber Barrel Rum, you’re not just supporting the Springboks; you’re celebrating the art of South African distillation.

So, whether you’re rooting for the Springboks, the spirit of rugby, or you’re just here for the craic, raise that Amber Barrel Irish Coffee high. Let’s toast to a night of epic rugby and world-class rum. May the game be a belter, and your drink, an absolute howler! Sláinte, my friends!

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