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Amber Barrel Aged Rum: A Triumph of Craft and Distinction

rum tasting cape town

Imagine indulging in a spirit that encapsulates the essence of excellence, a spirit that has been meticulously crafted to perfection. Welcome to the world of Innocent Spirits Distillery’s Amber Barrel Aged Rum, a true masterpiece that has left its mark on prestigious stages.

Navy-Strength Excellence: Introducing Rum62 – Your Passport to Caribbean Classic

Rum62 navy strength

Step into a world of pure distinction with Rum62, Innocent Spirits Distillery’s homage to the timeless allure of Caribbean white rum. Crafted with precision and care, this Navy-strength gem is more than just a spirit – it’s an invitation to elevate your cocktail experiences and savour the echoes of classic Caribbean flavours.

Mastering the Art of Sipping Power: How to Enjoy Cask-Strength Rum

Sipping overproof rums

The term Cask Strength means that when the dark rum was removed from the cask, it was not diluted with any water, before it was bottled. Since the alcohol level of rum is usually around 62% when it goes into the cask, it can still be high when it is selected for bottling.

Crafting Gin: A Journey Back to Authenticity

Gin ingredients Innocent Spirits Gin

In a world of mass production and shortcuts, Innocent Spirits Distillery stands firmly in its commitment to craft gin the old-fashioned way – a process that embraces authenticity, quality, and the essence of fresh produce.

Gins of Distinctive Flavor: Sip, Savor, and Celebrate Unadulterated Taste

At Innocent Spirits Distillery, we’re rewriting the rules of gin appreciation, offering you a collection of gins so rich in flavour that dilution becomes an afterthought. Step into a world where the intensity of taste takes centre stage, where the complex interplay of botanicals invites you to experience gin in its purest form. Unveiling Flavorful […]

Gin-Infused Delight: Indulge in our Lavender and Lemon Gin Tart

Innocent Spirits Gin tart

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary journey as we combine the world of spirits with the realm of desserts. At Innocent Spirits Distillery, we’re taking innovation to new heights with our Lavender and Lemon Gin Tart – a dessert that combines the aromatic allure of gin with the indulgence of a classic tart.

Lavender and Lemon Gin Tart Recipe


ndulge in the delightful combination of citrusy lemon, aromatic lavender, and the subtle essence of Innocent Spirits Distillery Soprano Gin. This Lavender and Lemon Gin Tart is a dessert experience that transcends expectations.