Rum62 Navy-Strength


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Dangerously sippable, our overproof navy-strength African white rum is 62% vol. This soft, luxurious spirit is for mixologists perfecting their cocktails, or connoisseurs who want a stiff one on the rocks.

We discovered that 62% is the optimum concentration with which to fill our barrels. Coincidentally, we found that it was also excellent in creating the ultimate mix in a cocktail – too weak and the spirit just does not get its fair share of the limelight in a high-end cocktail.

This has been corroborated by several mixologists who are doing a good job in draining our tanks!

Made with the finest ingredients and produced with clean fermentations and a sensitive distillation, this rum is the nucleus of our award-winning aged and coffee rum. The truth in the spirit is in the tasting.

Fermented, distilled and bottled at Innocent Spirits Distillery, Cape Town.


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