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Best South African Rum

Best South African Rum
Best South African Rum

At Innocent Spirits, we’re proud to be part of the movement that’s putting South African rum on the map. We believe in growing the South African rum industry, and our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every bottle we produce.

Craft distilleries across South Africa have recognized the potential of rum and are now offering high-quality options that can rival the gin craze. Here are some standout South African rum brands we love:

25 Degrees South: This Pretoria rum micro-distillery is passionate about crafting exceptional rum. Their gunpowder rum and pathfinder rum, aged in French Oak, boast rich vanilla and caramel notes, with a bold 57% alcohol content. See our post about drinking cask-strength rums.

Agua Zulu Cachaça, Distillery 031: Distillery 031 has introduced a game-changing cachaça rum made from fermented sugar cane juice. This Brazilian-style cachaça adds a tropical twist to your rum cocktails.

African Blackstrap Rum, Inverroche: Known for their craft gin, Inverroche Distillery has also ventured into rum production. Their seven-year-aged rum, made from African blackstrap molasses, offers citrusy-vanilla notes and a dry smoky character.

Copeland Rum: This traditional white rum is infused with tropical aromas and spicy notes inspired by fynbos. It’s a bold and full-flavoured spirit, fermented and small-batch distilled in Kommetjie.

Cape of Storms Rum: Using a cold distillation vacuum process, the Cape Town distillery combines heritage and modern methods to create soft, subtle, and smooth rums. Their white rum is aged in barrels, resulting in dark, spicy rums.

Die Warm Rasta Rum: Proudly South African, this rum is aged in the De Vry Distillery maturation cellar, creating a magnificently flavoured spirit.

Gertie’s Rum: Gertie’s Rum offers 100% Gold and White Wash Rum, triple distilled using a unique wine yeast. The rum is aged in ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels for a minimum of six months.

Innocent Spirits Cold Brew Rum: Our very own creation, Innocent Spirits Cold Brew Rum, captures the essence of Cape Town’s coffee culture. Aged using a unique combination of American and French oak, it offers an elegant and rich flavour profile.

Mhoba Rum: Mhoba Rum, farmed in Mpumalanga, is a pure single rum made from sugarcane juice. It contains no additives, colourants, or flavour modifiers, making it the rum equivalent of a Single Malt Whiskey.

Rhino Rum, Brickmaker’s Distilling Co.: Produced in Port Elizabeth, this family-run business offers hand-crafted rums with unique spice blends, including vanilla, cinnamon, liquorice, orange, clove, and ginger.

Tapanga Rum: South Africa’s first Premium Rhum Agricole, Tapanga Rum uses fresh sugar cane juice to create distinctive and high-quality rums, available in four varieties.

Time Anchor Rum: This trendy Maboneng-based distillery, known for its gin, also produces a unique rum liqueur with flavours of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate.

Whistler Rum: Whistler Rum, produced in the Free State, offers a range of rum products packed with incredible flavours, perfect for crafting your favourite rum cocktails.

Zulu Rum: Claiming to be the first local rum produced from sugar cane in KwaZulu-Natal, Zulu Rum offers clear, gold, and dark rum varieties, each with its unique flavour profile.

At Innocent Spirits, we’re excited to be part of the South African rum movement, and we invite you to join us in celebrating National Rum Day. Visit our distillery, taste our award-winning rums, and be part of the growing community that appreciates the art of crafting exceptional spirits.

Cheers to the future of South African rum!

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