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70% AVB Spirit for sanitizing products including hand-sanitizer. Sold in 25l containers.

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Innocent Spirits Distillery, which primarily produces a high-quality rum from molasses, did not realise they would become focused on a critical need; the production of 70% alcohol for the manufacture of surface and hand sanitiser to kill coronavirus.

The distillery has made its first batch of Innocent Sanitiser, which has a distilled alcohol as its base using its 600-litre still to produce 160-proof (or 70% ABV) ethanol alcohol. This neutral alcohol is produced by distilling a variety of fermented and leftover spirits from its Cape wine-barrel rum (Rum62, Innocent Dark Rum and Black Barrel).

Sanitizer, as we all now know, is one of the first lines of defence against coronavirus. A correctly applied dose can prevent transmission of the virus from person to person. Soap and water does the same, but in situations where no hand-washing facilities are immediately available, sanitiser is invaluable. The liquid can be used in spray bottles to sanitise all surfaces and hands.

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